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    Posted on Jun 11, 2013

    "This Is The End" Star Danny McBride Hasn't Been To A Doctor In 15 Years

    The funny man spilled the beans about his aversion to medicine to Rolling Stone. "That's fucked up!" his pal and writer/director Evan Goldberg observes.

    Steve Granitz/WireImage / Getty Images

    Buried deep in the Rolling Stone cover story about Seth Rogen, James Franco, and the crew of This Is The End is the startling revelation that Danny McBride — perhaps best known as Kenny Powers of Eastbound and Down — has not seen a doctor since college.

    Danny McBride is 36 years old.

    "It's all hocus-pocus," he told the magazine about the work of doctors, adding, "And besides not going to the doctor, I don't get sad and I don't have any phobias. The only thing I get stressed out about is having to get dressed up to walk the red carpet. I hate walking the red carpet. It instantly puts me in a bad mood and fucks me up."

    Danny McBride is a very rare gem — and so super chill about it that even his good friends had no idea he has received so little medical care.

    "I just read that today — that's fucked up!" Evan Goldberg, the co-writer/director of This Is The End said to BuzzFeed at a screening of the film in New York on Monday night. "He's gotta get to a goddamn doctor!"

    How many diseases does Goldberg think he have?

    "Lots. At least nine," he said, laughing. "And now I'm like oh shit, I shouldn't have shared all those hurricane beverages with him in New Orleans. So I guess whatever he has, I've got."

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