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    Aurora Theater Employee Criticizes Lack Of Memorial

    The mass shooting during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises last July shut down the Century 16 multiplex for six months. One person who says she was working that night held a Reddit AMA to discuss the tragedy.

    Ed Andrieski, File / AP

    A Reddit user using the handle Rorschachismyhubby and claiming to be an employee of the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colo., held an Ask Me Anything chat on Tuesday. The user posted a photo of the handbook given to employees of Cinemark, the theater's corporate owner.

    Rorschachismyhubby answered questions about the night of the mass shooting — allegedly committed by James Holmes — that killed 12 people during a July 20 midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. When asked if the theater had built any sort of permanent memorial to the victims, the AMA host expressed her disappointment.

    "We get crap for this alot (sic), the mayor asked us not to as he wanted to handle it as a community event and not a commercial business' memorial," she wrote. "Besides, the company would have to buy the land to put the memorial on, making it not a public space. So no we don't :(."

    The user added, "I would like one because I feel like right now it seems like we are trying to pretend like it never happened. Alot of people come in simply to pay respects and all I can do is show them the fancy new chairs we used to replace the ones people had died in."

    Aurora's mayor, Steve Hogan, told CNN at the time that reopening was "part of the recovery process," and that they "could not allow the shooter in any way, shape, or form to win." Nonetheless, families of several victims of the shooting criticized Cinemark for reopening after six months, calling it "wholly offensive to the memory of our loved ones."

    The opening weekend was entirely free, Rorschachismyhubby revealed, and says that business has picked up since Fast and Furious 6 hit screens in May.

    "Some people (workers) left because of PTSD, nice customers are sensitive and ask how you are doing and give you hugs," she explained. "But don't get me wrong, there are some straight up ass hats who laugh about it and ask you to 'save them' if something goes awry."

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