Eating Our Way Through The CNE Challenge

    Cotton candy and meatballs. Mustard and ketchup Ice Cream. Mac n' cheese lemonade. What could go wrong?

    Hi, I'm Jordan! I enjoy long walks on the beach, and drinking slime. Just kidding, I can't stand long walks on the beach. Slime on the other hand? You'll just have to read to find out.

    If you live in or around Toronto, you know that the end of summer is marked by one major event: The Canadian National Exhibition! It's low-key bittersweet— stuffing your face with funnel cake, all while knowing that school is just around the corner.

    My sister Jesse and I haven't been to The Ex since we were lil' kids going with our grandparents (shout out to John & Wild Wilma). So when the CNE invited us down for a preview, we were excited to experience it as ~adults~!

    The CNE unveiled their new, ultra secret menu for us to eat our way through. It. Was. Wild. Cotton candy and meatballs. Mustard and Ketchup Ice Cream. Mac n' Cheese Lemonade. What could go wrong? Here's what we tried:

    1. Up first, SLIME! IMO, society has gone too far with slime. First we tell kids not to eat it, now we're saying drink it?! No wonder this new generation is so confused.

    2. If you're on the fence about drinking your slime, how about eating it? With this edible rainbow slime candy, you can mix different colours and play with it too.

    3. Remember when doughnuts and croissants had a baby to make cronuts? Now it's all about the croffle— waffles and croissants.

    4. Heading into nostalgia territory, we tried a Cinnamon Curd Crunch— our favourite childhood cereal, deep fried and drizzled with cream cheese. This was either gonna be delicious or absolutely disgusting.

    5. Jesse had been straight up stressing all morning about the Ketchup and Mustard Ice Cream. We took an Instagram poll of which flavour she'd be forced to try first, and the people spoke— MUSTARD!

    6. Overwhelmed by the Mustard Ice cream, I had to step in and take one for the team and try the Ketchup Ice cream.

    7. We changed gears from sweets to savory foods with a Flamin' Hot Cheetos Chicken Sandwich. I personally have never had a Flamin' Hot Cheeto in my life, let alone a chicken version.

    8. Our friend chat group is called The Vegans, so it was only fitting we try something vegan. Enter: Eva's Mac & Cheese Cones.

    9. By this point we were pretty stuffed, but we challenged ourselves to shove down one last treat. The Leaning T.O.wer of Pisa. Cotton candy. Meatballs. Mozzarella. Panko. It had everything.

    There were ups and there were definitely downs (ahem, Mustard Ice Cream). That being said, we're ready for the CNE baby!!! Let's goooooooo!

    Wanna see what else we ate? Check out the video below for more eats!

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    See everything we ate and more in the full video!

    Which of these funky foods would you be excited to try? Let us know in the comments!