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We Got Real Princesses To Kiss Frogs And Things Got Slimy

Spoiler alert: The frog didn't turn into a hot dude on a horse.

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Every little kid grows up hearing stories about princesses kissing frogs and the frogs turning into princes. So, we decided to get some brave, REAL princesses to see if they could put the moves on some frogs and make the magic happen:

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Our IRL princesses were from Iran and India and were first-time frog-kissers.

And they said, unlike popular Disney princesses, their lives were a little less glamorous.

They definitely didn't grow up dreaming about smooching any frogs.

Our amphibian expert, Jules Sylvester, brought in the ladies' future ~prince,~ Bruce.

And they were... not too excited to see him.


Surprisingly, kissing a frog isn't so bad!

And I guess kissing an actual frog wasn't too far off from the princesses' previous experiences. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯