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Men Incapable Of Growing Beards Fulfill Their Facial Hair Goals

"I haaaaate it."

We had guys who were incapable of growing beards try their ~dream~ facial hair on, and they finally got to fulfill their lumberjack fantasies.

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Some guys have a harder time than others growing substantial facial hair.

So, we asked a makeup artist to give them fake beards for the day.

The process of putting on the beards started an outer and inner ~transformation.~

Next, the guys got to see themselves with a full beard for the first time.

Some guys felt super artsy and hip, while others just felt old.

Such a big change in appearance was hard to process at first!

Then, the guys asked others for their reactions.

Beards just seem to inspire very strong opinions in general.


And in some cases, unexpected resemblances were revealed.

In the end, the guys enjoyed the experiment, but preferred themselves just the way they were naturally.