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    • jordangp

      Omg people from Florida that take this site so seriously calm the heck down its just a joke, you act like its the end of the world when it ices up a little bit and people are wrecking there cars and such… The problem isn’t the ice its the drivers people in Florida drive like maniacs this may be hard to comprehend but slow down and pay attention to the road it might help (Florida has the worst drivers in the lower 48).. And who ever said the North doesn’t get hit by storms is ignorant in Ohio each spring summer and fall we have to pray to god our houses don’t get slammed by F3 and F4 tornadoes and within the last 4 years NY and the northeast coast have been hit by 2 major hurricanes (one labeled a SUPERSTORM).. That and any big storm/hurricane that hits the Golf/Florida almost every time travels through the North/Northeast causing blackouts, tornadoes, high winds, floods and ruins lives the whole way.. Then in the winter we get hit with -20 degrees without the wind and multiple feet of snow and ice so i hope you can or should understand us seeing whole states shut down over a little snow,ice and low temps as quite odd and some what amusing… If not Im afraid your panties may be in a bunch and you might want to change them..

    • jordangp

      I Think everything on this list was a big part of my childhood its crazy the one thing this list doesnt have is dial up internet AOL and such my family used prodigy not sure if anyone has ever heard of that..i forget what tv was like cable is nothing like it was HBO was channel 21 and MTV was 28 i think we had a total of 32 channels and now HBO has 32 different channels things have changed so much since the 90s when i see tv clips from back then it looks like its from the 70’s.. and there was no cell phones i forget what it was like with out them having a pager sticking out of your pocket was a Major symbol of coolness if you didnt have one you were not cool omg 3 way calling was sooo cool it was the best way to get a group of people on the phone and just prank call people i think i owned every cd on that list i remember my first crime was shoplifting and i stole Dr Dre the chronic my get away ride was a mongoose expert pro from the record shop down the street from my house i dont think there is record stores anymore lol and y 90’s crush was Topanga off boy meets world she was my everything and i had Brooke Burke plastered all over my walls along with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra and Mariah Carey LOL i had quiet a few crushes back then as any teenager would.. I was in love with my cowboys starter jacket and not sure if anyone remembers these but i also love my air raiders they where multi colored bottom and back black basketball sneakers with 2 straps over the shoe laces made out of suede omg they were so stylish and i cant find them now at all they were LA lights competition and really bad ass along with the 95 jordans i also wore air walks and vans when i bmxed.. bmxing was another thing fixing up your bmx bike was like sueping up your car now the better your bike the cooler you were.. then it was hair gel the more you used the harder the hair the cooler you were there was so many amazing hair styles back then you wouldn’t believe it unless you were there.. The top 10 music video countdown was about the only thing to watch on MTV other then bevis and butthead and dariA back when videos made the songs back when you had to call into the local radio station and request your favorite song so you could have your tape ready to hit the record button when gangstars paradise would come on my local radio station was called the wiz so i had many many wizz mixx tapes i would call them everyday requesting new songs they probably hated the little girl that would call everyday asking for something different lol this was before my voice dropped lol i miss the 90’s i had so much hope back then Clinton was president there wasn’t any wars (other then bushies 3 day desert storm) i was happy and finding out about the world ill never forget you 90’s RIP

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