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The Best Conversation Had During The World Cup Final

Players names + awful puns = best conversation ever

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Me : That was so klose!

My friend: The Germans are doing a great job of kroos-ing it.

Me: They need to schürrle the Argentinians how its done.

My friend: Ya the Argentines have been getting chances but handling them to Messi.


Me: Argentina needs to müller over, there's a new team in town.


My friend: Almost for Argentina! They won't get a ball like that higuain.

Me: Ya that looked way to özil for Argentina.

My friend: Germany is not just gonna zabaleta them have it.

Me: There's neuer way they can lose this.

Me: They've götze get this done.

(Did I call it or what?)

(Did I call it or what?)

My friend: Höwedes are they going to score though?


Germany wins Hooray!!!!!!

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