17 Spongebob GIFs That Will Make You Laugh And Then Cry If You're Missing Out On San Diego Comic-Con

    Trade your cosplay for a sweater of tears.

    1. When you're SO READY for SDCC, but just need to get those sweet, sweet tickets.

    2. You can already imagine the glorious costumes you'll wear each day.

    3. You do everything to maximize your chances of getting tickets.

    4. But of course, the passes sell out in 0.5 seconds and your dreams go up in flames.

    5. Time goes by, and you try not to think about it...

    6. But convention weekend is finally here. You try to hold it together...

    7. And fail.

    8. You're basically a genius, so you hatch a plan to get in anyway.

    9. You'll beg.

    10. You'll bribe.

    11. And you'll flirt your way past security.

    12. But it doesn't work, so you go home defeated.

    13. The panel of your favorite show starts, and you see the pictures from afar.

    14. Then they show exclusive footage, and you can't find it online.

    15. Someone you know gets a picture with one of your favorite actors and the green monster of jealousy consumes you.

    16. "You both look so cute. I'm so happy for you."

    17. At least you finished your costume for next year.

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