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Keke Palmer Is A National Treasure, And Here Are 17 Of Her Best Interview Moments To Prove It

This is a Keke Palmer stan account, here to give my sis her flowers, k thanks.

Keke Palmer has been entertaining us on our screens for 20 years! Yes, 20 years! Sis has been werkinggg. 👏🏽

Keke Palmer on a red carpet flipping her hair wearing strappy silver sequin dress

From Akeelah and the Bee to True Jackson, VP to Scream Queens to Nope — I could literally go on alllll day — my girl has the credentials honey! Singer, actress, podcaster, Broadway star, talk show host, game show host, she's a pure talent. And she's also just a very entertaining, very funny person, naturally. After watching videos of her interviews, how could you not wanna be her best friend?

Keke Palmer on Jimmy Kimmel show both laughing

Here are 17 of Keke's best interview moments that prove she's literally iconic.

1. When she passionately said what everyone was thinking about Rose in Titanic:

split image of Keke Palmer on Steve Harvey talk show talking about movie Titanic, both laughing about how she felt Rose could have made room for Jack

2. When she recalled her family's time on Family Feud where they rode home angrily in silence afterwards:

Keke Palmer talking to James Corden and Drew Carey about how her dad cost them the game of family feud by giving a silly answer

3. When she talked to Queen Latifah about her first hangover:

Keke Palmer talking about first hangover with Queen Latifah

4. When she hilariously recalled her missed opportunity with Michael Ealy:

Keke Palmer talking about celebrity crush Michael Ealy and how she worked with him at 9 years old

5. When she found out that butterflies pee the hard way during a photoshoot:

Keke Palmer with Daniel Kaluuya talking about butterflies peeing on her

6. When she gave this LOL-worthy response to being asked what object she'd choose to be:

Keke Palmer talking about how she'd be a rock if she had to be an object

7. When she explained that her mom used to run her social media, and Keke found out mama Palmer was getting feisty with the trolls:

Keke Palmer and Sean Hayes laughing while Keke talks about how her mom cusses out trolls

8. When she impersonated the *iconic* video of Vice President Kamala Harris when she and President Biden were elected into office:

Keke Palmer impersonating VP Kamala Harris on Jimmy Fallon show, Jimmy LAUGHING

9. And when she did her Angela Bassett (in The Jacksons: An American Dream) impersonation for the Queen, Angela herself:

Keke Palmer and Angela Bassett doing impersonation of Angela Bassett in The Jacksons: An American Dream, both laughing

10. When she spoke on an issue Black girls know too well — colorism — and how it personally affected her. And BTW, thank you, Keke, because whewwww, the way I thought I was ugly as a child because I was darker than my light-skinned momma and sissy. I feel so seen:

Keke Palmer discussing colorism on The Breakfast Club

11. Or, when she talked about how Black women are rarely heard and always expected to take everyone's crap:

Keke Palmer discussing racial inequalities regarding Black women on The Breakfast Club

12. When she was the 2021 Met Gala red carpet interviewer for Vogue and spotted Megan Thee Stallion 😛:

Keke Palmer greeting Megan Thee Stallion on a red carpet by singing "i know it ain't, i know it ain't the stallion"

13. When she explained that her ex had concerns about her Hustlers role, and Jimmy Kimmel asked her if they were still dating, and she had a hilariously adorbz response:

Keke Palmer and Jimmy Kimmel laughing about her ex boyfriend and how he was concerned about her role as a stripper in movie Hustlers

14. And then, when she talked about how she admires J.Lo and tried to act all shy before she beautifully saaaang "Amor Prohibido" by Selena:

Keke Palmer singing Amor Prohibido by Selena on the Jimmy Kimmel show

15. When she discussed her concern about her and her baby's astrology signs clashing:

Keke Palmer joking about astrology with Jimmy Fallon and how she doesn't wanna be too blunt for her son

16. When she took the Hot Ones challenge and totally crushed it in super funny Keke fashion:

Keke Palmer eating hot wings on Hot Ones, joking about her hair sweating and her skin being hot

17. And of course, the absolutely ICONIC moment where she had no idea who Vice President Dick Cheney was...sorry to that man:

Keke Palmer unable to recognize VP Dick Chaney

What are your favorite Keke Palmer interview moments? Let us know in the comments below!

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