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    Apr 20, 2016

    10 Hypnotic 90s Club Bangers

    Rave culture was everywhere in the 90s. The exhilarating combination of huge sub-woofers, light shows and… let's be honest, MDMA, appealed to a lot of people. Here are ten memorable tracks that captured the atmosphere of 90s EDM. (Click on the track names to hear the songs).

    Xpander - Sasha

    The younger generation may remember this from the futuristic PS1 game 'Wipeout 3'. The track’s euphoric synth melody and hard hitting rhythm left a fair few ravers wiped out too.

    Halycon + On + On - Orbital

    Orbital continue to bewitch crowds when they drop this classic techno gem during festivals. Well, that's where the footage suggests anyway.

    Born Slippy (Nuxx) - Underworld

    Even your granny has probably heard this tune, although she probably doesn't appreciate it in the same way that your average raving pillhead does (or anyone who's watched Trainspotting for that matter).

    Saltwater - Chicane

    The 90s was a crazy time: you could sample an Irish folk singer on a hypnotic trance beat, as Chicane did with Enya's sister Moya Brennan here, and ride high in the charts. The video was a little weird, though.

    Inner City Life - Goldie

    Young people recognise Goldie for his gold teeth and Celebrity Big Brother appearance a few years ago. His initial buzz was for more admirable reasons: redefining drum and bass forever with this banger.

    Cafe Del Mar - Energy 52

    Named after the famous Ibiza bar, Cafe Del Mar charted around the globe, featured in cult classic movie Human Traffic and has been remixed more times than any Drake track. It's also another hit with a video so 90s it hurts. #sunglasses

    Insomnia - Faithless

    Everyone remembers this for two reasons: the sensual delivery of the line 'tearing off tights with my teeth' and the immensely hummable synth drop at the climax.

    Go - Moby

    Moby a.k.a. the downtempo dude in your Dad's record collection. People forget that this was the track that launched him, with the video implanting the image of his perfectly spherical head in our brains forever.

    Children - Robert Miles

    A track that's been unceremoniously ripped apart by various pop stars over the years, which is a shame because the original is still stunning to this day. You can also add it to the list of 90s trance hits with videos featuring people looking weirdly solemn.

    Not Over Yet - Grace

    Fans of noughties noise-makers Klaxons will recognise the vocal hook of this track from their cover. It may surprise you to learn that this was one of the biggest hits in the world back in 1996.

    Are there any other tracks that bring back some happy memories? Why not leave your thoughts in the comments below?