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30 Things Everyone Who Went To University Of Sussex Will Remember

You won't remember Coca-Cola or Nestle products from your university days, that's for sure.

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7. You never actually bought The Argus, but the billboards made great souvenirs from a night out.

Great Brighton Argus headline from just before Christmas via @FredPipes

Martin Shovel@MartinShovel

Great Brighton Argus headline from just before Christmas via @FredPipes

11:16 AM - 27 Dec 12ReplyRetweetFavorite

14. And when things got a bit too much, you were three minutes walk from some amazing countryside.

Jon Stone

Stanmer Park, and then into the South Downs national park, as far as the eye could see.

17. As long as that good time didn't involve Coca-Cola. This stuff was contraband.

The Associated Press

Because a Colombian bottling plant trade union called for a boycott. Nestle products were also off limits.

20. For a small city Brighton has a ridiculously high number of excellent pubs.

George Redgrave / Via Flickr: funfilledgeorgie

The Basketmakers Arms, the Hand in Hand, the Prince Albert, the Heart and Hand, the Great Eastern, the St James, the Pull and Pump, the Gladstone, the Druids Arms, the Constant Service, the Bear, the Bees Mouth, the Temple Bar, the Robin Hood, the Lion and Lobster, the Devonshire, the Waggon and Horses, the Mash Tun... barely scratching the surface.

22. You knew at least one person who lived up Elm Grove, and you dreaded the hike up the hill to visit them.

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