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60 Things You Can Do Instead Of Studying

Who needs an A anyway?

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Now that you have so much time not studying or at least trying to not study. Here are 60 things you can do instead.

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1. Learn the National Anthem backwards.

2. Bake a cake.

3. Bake another cake.

4. Eat the cake.

5. Give the other cake away.

6. Learn to knit.

7. Knit a scarf (starting out small, let's not get ahead of ourselves now).

8. Knit a sweater for your cat (if you don't have pets, just give them to your friend or something. If you don't have friends, you're kind of on your own there).

9. Sleep.

10. Eat a bagel.

11. Tame a lion.

12. Join the circus.

13. Clean your room.

14. Make some food.

15. Eat the food.

16. Learn the Alphabet Aerobics.

17. Challenge Daniel Radcliffe to see who can rap it better.

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18. Watch every Harry Potter movie.

19. Now watch it backwards.

20. Watch them in French.

21. Learn French (if you already know French, good for you, you don't need to show off).

22. Re-watch the movies in French.

23. Take notes.

24. Throw those notes away because you don't really need them for anything.

25. Eat two more bagels.

26. Write a book.

27. Learn to play the guitar.

28. Go to a very populated place, play the guitar for money.

29. Cry.

30. Panic.

31. Calm down.

32. Panic again.

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33. Sleep.

34. Feed the homeless.

35. Solve the economy problem in the country.

36. Become a huge rockstar.

37. Live a double life by pretending to be a normal high school student but put on a wig and BAM rockstar.

38. Win the Hunger Games.

39. Win the Triwizard Tournament.

40. Win the World Cup.

41. Bring home the olympic gold medal.

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42. Invent a time machine.

43. Go back in time to colonial times just because.

44. Go into the future.

45. Win the lottery because you went to the future and that's what people should do when they go to the future. Like seriously. Who cares if there are hovercrafts? Get the damn lottery numbers.

46. Watch an entire show on Netflix in one sitting.

47. Realize you just wasted so much time.

48. Cry a little because you realize you're going to fail whatever you were studying for.

49. Jump to conclusions of how you are never going to succeed and that a test will define your entire future.

50. Learn to play the oboe.

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51. Solve the Rubick's Cube.

52. Win the war on poverty.

53. Find the weapons of mass destruction.

54. Direct a movie.

55. Win an Oscar.

56. Eat a sandwich.

57. Eat 7 donuts. At once.

58. Star in a reality show.

59. Go to Mars.

60. Sleep some more. You deserve it.

Well, good luck on your endeavors then.

Happy failing!

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