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    21 Times Olivia Benson Proved She Was The Most Badass Person

    She is a strong, independent woman who can kick your ass any day.

    1. When she put this guy in his place.

    2. When she didn't need anyone to hold her hand.

    3. When she wasn't afraid of no man.

    4. When she demanded you get on your knees, worm.

    5. When she made hardcore criminals her bitch.

    6. When her threats were on point.

    7. When she didn't believe in opening doors with her hands.

    8. When she didn't even blink with a car coming at her.

    9. Whenever she got really sassy.

    10. When she was dead on and she knew it.

    11. Whenever she would show up to crime scene looking flawless.

    12. Whenever she kicked some serious ass.

    13. When she proved she was nobody's prisoner.

    14. When she wasn't anybody's sweetheart.

    15. When she had it with everyone's shit.

    16. Whenever she mastered the art of hair flipping.

    17. When she had to deal with idiots.

    18. When she didn't even have to use words or force to get the point across.

    19. When she proved she was a good mother on top of being the most bad ass cop.

    20. When she became Sergeant Benson and she owned it.

    21. When she wasn't the one who stabbed the captain with a pickle.

    Also Taylor Swift named one of her cats after her. I mean just seals the deal right there.

    It isn't hard to realize that Olivia Benson wins at everything.