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    Updated on Jun 17, 2020. Posted on Oct 29, 2019

    17 Things Absolutely No One Asked For, But Grocery Stores Sold Anyway

    Would you buy "miscellaneous" meat?

    1. Pork patties with GUMMY BEARS mixed in:

    u/liveybuggie / Via

    This is not what "sweet and savory" is about!

    2. Donut-shaped hamburger patties:

    u/maxiesnax / Via

    For dunking in coffee, or...

    3. Chicken wings made out of "chicken jello":

    I don't even want to know.

    4. A single, solitary shrimp:

    u/b_stiller / Via


    5. And an individually packaged slice of cheese:

    Honestly why?

    6. "Miscellaneous meat":

    u/EuropaJupiter16 / Via

    Mystery meat: a mystery I don't care to solve.

    7. Ham the shape of a pig:

    u/ebw15 / Via

    The light pink hue... It looks uncooked!

    8. Vacuum-packed vomit:

    Twitter: @sashyjane / Via Twitter: @sashyjane

    JK, it's BBQ pulled pork with roasted sweet potatoes.

    9. Chicken mignon:

    Instagram: @whitneyingram / Via

    I don't think "mignon" means what they think it means.

    10. Vacuum-packed baked beans:

    u/Oxyphanbutazone / Via

    For the coming nuclear winter?

    11. Mac 'n' cheese — or more precisely, cheese on mac:

    How, how, how do you mess up mac 'n' cheese?

    12. Doritos casserole:

    u/MonsoonBlue / Via

    OK, I can understand sprinkling Doritos on top of a casserole, but calling it Doritos casserole implies it's made almost entirely out of Doritos — and it's neon orange?!?

    13. Gin and tonic–flavored salmon:

    Twitter: @little_roge / Via Twitter: @little_roge

    Who asked for this???

    14. Peas and carrots, aka "exotic salad":

    u/space_waves / Via

    The only exotic thing about it is the fact that people would spend their hard-earned money buying it.

    15. Pumpkin spice gouda:

    This trend has gotten out of hand.

    16. A spicy salmon waffle cone:

    u/GonzoMcFonzo / Via

    Salmon and waffle cones: fine on their own, but never together.

    17. And finally, thinly sliced ham, egg, pickle, and carrot:

    u/BoozySwood / Via

    Is this a cartoon or real life?