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    17 Things Absolutely No One Asked For, But Grocery Stores Sold Anyway

    Would you buy "miscellaneous" meat?

    1. Pork patties with GUMMY BEARS mixed in:

    u/liveybuggie / Via

    This is not what "sweet and savory" is about!

    2. Donut-shaped hamburger patties:

    u/maxiesnax / Via

    For dunking in coffee, or...

    3. Chicken wings made out of "chicken jello":

    I don't even want to know.

    4. A single, solitary shrimp:

    u/b_stiller / Via


    5. And an individually packaged slice of cheese:

    Honestly why?

    6. "Miscellaneous meat":

    u/EuropaJupiter16 / Via

    Mystery meat: a mystery I don't care to solve.

    7. Ham the shape of a pig:

    u/ebw15 / Via

    The light pink hue... It looks uncooked!

    8. Vacuum-packed vomit:

    Twitter: @sashyjane / Via Twitter: @sashyjane

    JK, it's BBQ pulled pork with roasted sweet potatoes.

    9. Chicken mignon:

    Instagram: @whitneyingram / Via

    I don't think "mignon" means what they think it means.

    10. Vacuum-packed baked beans:

    u/Oxyphanbutazone / Via

    For the coming nuclear winter?

    11. Mac 'n' cheese — or more precisely, cheese on mac:

    How, how, how do you mess up mac 'n' cheese?

    12. Doritos casserole:

    u/MonsoonBlue / Via

    OK, I can understand sprinkling Doritos on top of a casserole, but calling it Doritos casserole implies it's made almost entirely out of Doritos — and it's neon orange?!?

    13. Gin and tonic–flavored salmon:

    Twitter: @little_roge / Via Twitter: @little_roge

    Who asked for this???

    14. Peas and carrots, aka "exotic salad":

    u/space_waves / Via

    The only exotic thing about it is the fact that people would spend their hard-earned money buying it.

    15. Pumpkin spice gouda:

    This trend has gotten out of hand.

    16. A spicy salmon waffle cone:

    u/GonzoMcFonzo / Via

    Salmon and waffle cones: fine on their own, but never together.

    17. And finally, thinly sliced ham, egg, pickle, and carrot:

    u/BoozySwood / Via

    Is this a cartoon or real life?