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15 Reasons You Should NEVER Tip Your Barista

They just pour coffee.

1. First and foremost, baristas already make bank.

2. So it's not like they NEED tips to supplement their income.

3. They have literally the easiest job on the planet.

4. They just pour coffee for people. That's it.

5. Not to mention, being a barista is a zero-stress job.

6. Their hours are great.

7. And they never have to work nights or weekends.

8. They get a ton of great perks.

9. FOR FREE. Can you believe?

10. Their customers are always kind...

11. ...and so appreciative...

12. ...and not-at-all weird or complicated.

13. They do the bare minimum and not a bit more.

14. And they don't really care about their customers at all.

15. So keep that extra dollar in your wallet — your barista doesn't need it.