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    14 Things People Have Found While Cleaning Their Houses During The Quarantine

    What have you found?

    1. This gift card that would've been worth its weight in gold in, like, 2003:

    Juztaan / Via /

    2. And this membership card to the coolest club around:

    Possibly the greatest thing I’ve found in my quarantine cleaning. Is this an antique now?

    3. This slightly less ancient artifact:

    Cleaning the house and I *may* have found a problem. I’m so sorry, @netflix.

    4. These...teeth...earrings:

    5. This Neopets parental consent form from 2005:

    cleaning out old paperwork and we found an old neopets parental consent form, dated 2005.

    6. This hand-painted masterpiece:

    cleaning out my apartment ... with my parents .. we found this in my closet 😌 nice

    7. This history of ~cellular~ evolution:

    kupus0 / Via

    8. This ~goody~ that takes me straight back to junior high:

    9. This vaguely threatening birthday card:

    My parents were cleaning their storage area in their basement and found this letter I wrote to my dad when I was 8 πŸ˜‚I was a fuckin devil child lol

    10. These pieces of tech that kids today wouldn't even know what to do with:

    I’m cleaning my room and found my old iPod shuffle, iPod nano, and gameboy advance in my old backpack

    11. This mag from simpler, more harmonious times:

    I’m still cleaning and found one of many One Direction magazines πŸ˜‚

    12. This book I'd actually love to read in quarantine:

    Found a new book for myself while cleaning dad's book shelf 😍

    13. These sweet letters from before smartphones were a thing:

    My sister and I were cleaning and we found a bunch of letters from our mom and dad way back when smartphones weren't a thing...this is everything ❀

    14. And finally, this secret stockpile:

    Was cleaning out a closet at my parents and found that my mother apparently maintained what I can only describe as an apocalyptic stockpile of hand sanitizer.

    What have you come across while quaran-cleaning? Let us know in the comments!

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