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    17 Tourist Mistakes Everyone Has Made In Spain

    Don't even think about going to dinner before 8 p.m.

    1. Attempting to go shopping in the afternoon, when many stores are closed for lunch.

    2. Similarly, expecting stores and restaurants to be open on Sundays.

    3. Being careless with their personal belongings.

    4. Ordering sangria instead of tinto de verano.

    5. Eating at restaurants in plazas or near other tourist attractions.

    6. Expecting the waiter to automatically bring the check at the end of a meal.

    7. Leaving a huge tip.

    8. Over-generalizing the climate of Spain — and failing to pack accordingly.

    9. Neglecting to visit northern Spain.

    10. Eating lunch before 1 p.m.

    11. Or dinner before 8 p.m.

    12. Referring to Barcelona as "Barca."

    13. Partying too hard.

    14. Expecting Spaniards to speak English.

    15. Wearing flip-flops anywhere but the beach.

    16. Not ordering the menú del día for lunch.

    17. Overestimating the popularity of the midday siesta.