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    19 Things That Are 100% Southern Culture

    "Southern culture is me typing 'tall' on my phone and having it autocorrect to 'y’all' automatically."

    1. Shading people, but in a socially acceptable way:

    *hears someone say something dumb* My brain: Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Me sarcastically: “Bless your heart”

    2. Combining as many words as you can into one:

    3. Teaching autocorrect how to talk:

    southern culture is me typing tall on my phone and having it autocorrect to y’all automatically

    4. Not being able to turn off good manners:

    Southern culture is when the girl working at Subway and I bonded over how we went to middle school together but then she called me ma'am while ringing me up..

    5. And insisting other people have good manners too:

    Southern culture is hearing someone in any direction mumble "You're welcome, Your Highness" and knowing that somebody failed to say "thank you" when the door was held open for them, which will be talked about for the next two weeks.

    6. Playing this guessing game:

    7. Pronouncing things a little differ'ntly:

    southern culture is me not knowing about the extra A in caramel until 6th grade because everyone says carmel

    8. Hanging out at Walmart while avoiding people you know:

    Southern culture is avoiding people you know at Walmart

    9. Beating the Baptists to lunch on Sundays:

    My parents are literally planning when they're going to Cracker Barrel tomorrow so they can beat the church crowd. This is southern culture.

    10. Not knowing how to drive in the snow:

    11. Stanning Dolly Parton:

    A definitive ranking of the best voices in country music: 15. There’s 14. No 13. Way 12. You 11. Can 10. Rank 9. All 8. The 7. Amazing 6. Voices 5. Found 4. In 3. Country 2. Music 1. Dolly Parton

    12. Sweating constantly from May to October:

    Summer in the south is your car not cooling down until you’re at your destination

    13. Then freezing from October to May:

    14. Having your own vocabulary — and knowing the secret meaning of words:

    In the South they have different words for things. For example, “commode” means “toilet.” And “isn’t that nice?” means “that’s awful.”

    15. Hearing "Amazing Grace" like allllll the time:

    when i was a kid i thought amazing grace was the national anthem.

    16. Taking forever and a day to say bye:

    #GrowingUpSouthern taking 30 minutes to say goodbye to anybody.

    17. Basically barging into your friends' houses:

    Southern culture is walking into someone’s house and saying “knock knock” without even knocking

    18. Learning the true meaning of patience:

    southern culture is getting stuck behind a tractor on the first day of school

    19. And finally, this:

    When the sweet tea positively, absolutely has to arrive safely!