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    I Can't Stop Watching This Viral Video Of Fish Being Whooshed Through A Tube

    "Well, I guess it's a Hot Girl Summer but a Fish Tube Fall."

    Last week, Cheddar posted this video about something called a "salmon cannon" — basically a system of soft, pressurized tubes that move the fish between bodies of water.

    This salmon cannon transports the fish between bodies of water. (Via @CheddarGadgets)

    The "fish tube," as it's also known, "helps native fish pass over dams in seconds rather than days," thus delivering them to their spawning grounds lickety-split.

    This system helps native fish pass over dams in seconds rather than day

    Fish in.

    Twitter: @cheddar / Via Twitter: @cheddar


    Twitter: @kashthefuturist / Via Twitter: @kashthefuturist

    (The system is literally made by a company called Whooshh Innovations.)

    Fish out.

    Twitter: @cheddar / Via Twitter: @cheddar

    The video, which has been retweeted over 100K times, really, uh, resonated with people and made for prime meme-making material.

    My housemate: so how was your day Me: sorry can you just give me a moment [spends 15 minutes thinking how to try to explain salmon cannon, without sounding crazy, to a person who doesn’t have twitter]

    Some people considered the fish's perspective:

    I am CRYING laughing at this like imagine being a fish and minding your own business but humans fucked up the world so bad that their version of helping you is launching you through a giant silly straw

    the salmon going through the giant fish tube:

    the last salmon to get put through the salmon tube, unsure of what has become of her salmon community

    the salmon going through the fish tube:

    Scientists: this salmon cannon will help restore migratory patterns and safely transport farmed fish The salmon:

    And some people wanted to be the fish themselves:

    launch me through the fish tube so i can feel something.

    stick my disgusting body into that fish tube and fire me into the goddamned sun!!! let’s GO

    Mostly people just made jokes:

    Well I guess it's a Hot Girl Summer but a Fish Tube Fall

    and that’s how babies are made

    what if we kissed in the salmon cannon 😳

    We are all just helpless fish zooming through this tube called life

    In conclusion, I leave you with this:


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