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18 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Devilishly Cold It Is Across The US

Stay warm, everyone!

The US is currently being slammed with freezing cold temperatures during a bitter winter storm that meteorologists have called a bomb cyclone. From where I'm writing in Chicago, the wind chill sits at minus 28 degrees Fahrenheit (which is actually up from this morning's minus 31).

Feels like -28; wind is making it feel colder

1. This has nothing on Mountain West states like Montana, which is experiencing a wind chill that's about 160 degrees colder in feel than Florida:

160° difference in how it *feels* today across the country. Elk Park, Montana, had a wind chill of -74° F this morning, while Miami was in the 80s this afternoon. 🥶🥵 @WINKNews

Twitter: @MattDevittWINK

2. The storm's high winds have resulted in the cancellation of over 3,400 flights...

An airplane on the ground

3. ...and visibility on the ground last night dwindled, with driving conditions also diminished:

Wow! Beyond dangerous driving conditions in Wyoming as a winter storm jogs across the United States. Video from Wyoming Highway Patrol Wednesday night.

Twitter: @SchwartzTV

4. The tradition of throwing bowling hot water into freezing cold temperatures to watch it turn to mist reigns...

It’s so cold out, boiling hot water can turn to steam (vapor) just from being thrown into the air 🥶 @WSMV #tnwx

Twitter: @wx_cruz

5. ...as does the pastime of our bearded brothers showing off their frozen whiskers:

Close-up of icicles on a beard

6. One person tested what leaving milk and cookies out for Santa would be like, and it had the expected result:

Santa would break a tooth on these cookies 🍪 And don’t get me started on the milk! That’s what 7° temps and -14° wind chills will do 🥶

Twitter: @weather_katie

7. Fountains are freezing in front of our eyes, and benches are covered in ice:

#Houston Texas this morning - a fountain encases park benches in THICK ice as the temps drop into the teens. 🎥 @PastorJaimeG #WinterStorm #ArcticBlast #TexasFreeze #htx @KHOU

Twitter: @pcavlin

8. In Oklahoma, one family turned on their water and watched as the drip immediately turned into icicles in their sink:


This is in my training room with 2 heaters going! It is 7 degrees and feels like -14! I know that’s not cold for some but it is for SE Oklahoma!!! #freezing #cold #weather #oklahoma #mcalester #snow #ice #windy #frozenpipes

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9. Shirts are freezing:

A woman holding up a frozen shirt with text explaining it only took 15 minutes for the wet T-shirt to freeze

10. Pants are freezing:

And one hour later…these jeans are frozen solid. Dressing in layers & keeping dry (sweat resistant clothes) are necessary when taking on this extreme cold! #arwx #ARStormTeam

Twitter: @CarmenRoseWx

11. And chains have frozen over:

12. Ice has even been tested against ice in this satisfying display of physics:

Credit: @atasteofparadise

13. In Illinois, locks have frozen in place...

How cold is it in Round Lake, IL? The door lock on the INSIDE of my brother’s house is frozen solid. #ILwx

Twitter: @jwsmith_056

14. ...or they've completely frozen over:

Close-up of doorknob with frost on it

15. And Cincinnati is literally colder than Antarctica right now:

In case you were wondering exactly how bad it is… Antarctica is currently warmer than Cincinnati. #WinterStorm

Twitter: @MsRachelElliot

16. Millions across the US are reporting being without power:

An electric outlet with frost on it

17. And they're trying to stay warm as the cold pushes in:

Icicles and thick frost on the inside of a windowsill

18. And throughout it all, there's Florida being Florida:

BREAKING | I'm issuing an IGUANA WARNING for all of Central and South Florida through Saturday AM. These iguanas will be capable of falling out of trees and bushes, causing damage to people and property. Take necessary precautions! #FLwx #WinterStorm

Twitter: @zachcoveytv

19. Finally — as a bonus, because this isn't the US — Norway is literally under mounds of snow as well. Like, it's as tall as the plows:

Stay safe out there!