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    Oprah Shaking Lady Gaga While Saying "Nobody Does That" Is The Best Meme Of 2020 So Far

    "Nobody does that. And you just did it."

    Oprah kicked off her cross-country 2020 wellness tour in Florida on Saturday, and her first celebrity guest was the one and only Lady Gaga.

    Jason Koerner / Getty Images

    Well, after the seminar, Oprah wandered into Gaga's dressing room to thank her for being so open and honest with the audience.

    Instagram: Oprah / Via

    The entire exchange is actually incredibly moving.

    But Twitter being Twitter, someone spliced the video so that all you see is Oprah shaking Lady Gaga by the arms while saying, "Nobody does that — and you know that. Nobody does that. Nobody does that. AND YOU JUST DID IT."

    It sounded like Gaga was in hot water.

    Instagram: Oprah / Via

    Just like that, the Twitter meme machine roared to life and started cranking out some hilarious captions for the video.

    my therapist to me when im back on my bullshit for the 10000th time & only listen to lana del rey 24/7 to cope

    me to my dog when i see him eating his own shite

    My 1st grade teacher after she saw me fucking eat an entire eraser

    my social anxiety when the barista says “enjoy” and I reply “you too”

    My parents when I throw peace signs at strangers

    Starbucks security cameras watching me order a Trenta iced coffee

    all my dying plants talking to the one plant that’s still alive

    And of course, someone made it about Gaga's and Rihanna's upcoming albums, LG6 and R9:

    me telling lady gaga and rihanna that lying is not a personality trait

    In conclusion:

    Twitter: @troyesivan / Via Twitter: @troyesivan