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20 Restaurants That Are Straight-Up Living In The Future

Why doesn't every restaurant have these things?!

1. The tables in this restaurant have cubbies so guests can keep their phones safe from spilled drinks:

u/OMGLMAOWTF_com / Via

2. The brownies for sale in this restaurant are color-coded based on if they're cut from the corner, edge, or center of the pan:

u/longboarder116 / Via

3. The condiment caddies in this restaurant are specially engineered so that guests can ACTUALLY get ketchup out of the bottle:

4. This restaurant gives diners small cards for disposing their gum:

u/Pizda-lover / Via

5. The bathroom in this sushi restaurant has two soaps, an unscented one for before eating and a scented one for after:

u/Allformygain / Via

6. This restaurant has a breathalyzer station so guests who've had a drink can make sure they're safe to drive:

u/MogarTheUnkillable / Via

7. This restaurant gives children hexagonal crayons that won't roll off the table:

u/coffee-chugger / Via

8. This restaurant gives guests an egg-cellent way of getting their waiter's attention:

u/Costner_Facts / Via

9. While this restaurant gives diners a buzzer that's linked to their waiter’s smartwatch:

u/currywurst666 / Via

10. The menu in this Japanese restaurant has a graph that shows how various sakes taste:

u/JPott99 / Via

11. The chairs in this restaurant have a special compartment where guests can safely store their belongings:

u/kazarnowicz / Via

12. This restaurant has a draft beer dispenser at each table:

u/savrox / Via

13. This Chinese restaurant tells guests how many people order different spice levels:

u/nocturnalvoice / Via

14. The bill holders at this restaurant have a built-in calculator:

u/littlewolfskin / Via

15. While the bills at this restaurant do ALL the math for you:

u/ldbriq / Via

16. French fries at this restaurant are served in paper cones that fit perfectly in the holes in the tables:

u/_FooFighter_ / Via

17. Each stall in this restaurant bathroom has over 20 rolls of TP on the wall so guests never get stuck empty-handed:


18. And the bathroom door in this restaurant has a “toepener” so guests don't recontaminate their hands on the way back to their table:

u/happysunbear / Via

19. The lemons in this restaurant come with mesh covers to keep the seeds from coming out when squeezed:

u/BlueKaleChip / Via

20. And finally, this restaurant gives guests scissors to open their ketchup packets:

u/ihavepinkcurtains / Via