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11 "Instagram Vs. Reality" Photos Of Europe To See Before Your Next Trip

These places are still beautiful — they're just different than you might expect.

1. The Colosseum (Rome) on Instagram

The Colosseum (Rome) in reality

Flickr: Charles Kaiser / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ckaiserca

2. The Grand Bazaar (Istanbul) on Instagram

The Grand Bazaar (Istanbul) in reality

Flickr: quirkyjazz / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 34216465@N05

3. The Blue Lagoon (Iceland) on Instagram

The Blue Lagoon (Iceland) in reality

Gerardo_borbolla / Getty Images

4. Navagio "Shipwreck" Beach (Greece) on Instagram

Navagio "Shipwreck" Beach (Greece) in reality

Flickr: #keeptravelling™ / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: keeptravellingbystella

5. The Eiffel Tower (Paris) on Instagram

The Eiffel Tower (Paris) in reality

Flickr: Krzysztof Belczyński / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: x-oph

6. Cascate del Mulino (Italy) on Instagram

Cascate del Mulino (Italy) in reality

Gimmi/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

7. The Charles Bridge (Prague) on Instagram

The Charles Bridge (Prague) in reality

gula08 / Via Flickr: gula08

8. Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia) on Instagram

Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia) in reality

Flickr: Lisa / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lisabrideau

9. Vernazza, Cinque Terre (Italy) on Instagram

Vernazza, Cinque Terre (Italy) in reality

Flickr: János Korom Dr. >14 Million views / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: korom

10. Tower Bridge (London) on Instagram

Tower Bridge (London) in reality

Flickr: Ambernectar 13 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ambernectar

11. The Louvre Museum (Paris) on Instagram

The Louvre Museum (Paris) in reality

Flickr: Ellie LoNardo / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: elonardo