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This Video Of A Costco Worker Kicking Out A Guy For Not Wearing A Mask Is Going Viral Because It's So Wild

"I'll just put you on my 3,000-follower Instagram feed, mostly loved ones."

Last month, Costco announced that, beginning May 4, all employees and customers "must wear a face covering ... at all times while at Costco."

But on a recent shopping trip to a Costco in Arvada, Colorado, this guy refused to wear a face covering. And now his confrontation — which he posted online — with a Costco employee who eventually kicked him out is going viral because it's so ridiculous.

Before we go any further, though, it's important to note that the Centers for Disease Control recommends that people wear face coverings not to protect themselves, but to PROTECT OTHERS. In other words, not wearing a mask could put other people at risk.

But back to the confrontation at hand. Seemingly after having already been asked to put on a mask, the shopper says, "I'll just put you on my 3,000-follower Instagram feed, mostly loved ones."

But before he can even finish, Tison, the Costco employee, takes the opportunity to introduce himself to the shopper's Instagram followers.

He also reiterates his request that the customer put on a face covering — and that's really when things begin to spiral.

"And I'm not doing it because I woke up in a free country," the shopper says after flipping the camera back on himself.

That's when Tison grabs the guy's cart and tells him to have a great day.

He then asks the customer to leave.

The customer then tells the person he's shopping with to finish checking out, but it's too late.

After insulting the employee, the customer delivers this line before the clip ends:

The entire exchange is unreal.

Kevin and Karen get shopping cart taken away at #Costco || ✌🏼 #wearethepeople #COVID19 #coronavirusuk #COVIDIDIOTS

But the story doesn't end there. Later, the customer posted another video online explaining why he had refused to wear a mask.

"I've got every fucking right to not wear a mask anywhere because this isn't about wearing a mask — this is about control."

"I'm not the fucking sheep; y'all are the fucking sheep."

"I was one of the only people in that store not wearing a mask, which means you're protected from me and I'm protected from you. ... So if everyone else is wearing a mask, then one person should be able to fly, if anything."

Flying (???) aside, he is 100% wrong. If just one person doesn't wear a mask and they happen to be sick, they put everyone else at risk. That's how masks work.

Back in reality, people are praising Tison's actions.

"Not all [heroes] wear capes."

Not all hero’s wear capes. Great job Tison! #costco https://t.co/daYDqU6kfD

As for his part, Tison checked in on Twitter to thank people for their support.

And for everybody else, wear a damn mask when you go out and help protect other people.

I don’t understand how people are framing “wear a mask” as individual agency rather than let’s make this world a safer place for everyone. The god damn world, country, city doesn’t resolve around any single persons. Do your fucking part and stop being a selfish lil bitch! #Costco https://t.co/x32ZZgKIt2