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    A Korean Market Is Selling Packs Of Bananas Of Varying Ripeness And They Deserve A Nobel Prize

    Give the person who did this a Nobel prize.

    I know this sounds whiny, but buying bananas can be really, REALLY frustrating.

    Because when you're at the store, one of two things happens: Either the bunch is super green, meaning none of the bananas are ripe now, but all of them will be ripe at the same time in a few days...

    ...or the bunch is already ripe, meaning you'd better eat 'em quickly before they all go bad.

    Like I said, frustrating.

    However, our long international nightmare may soon be over.

    Genius at work. E-mart in Korea is now selling the "One a Day Banana" pack, containing several bananas of different ripeness so that you can eat them over several days.

    E-Mart, a Korean supermarket chain, has begun selling a six-pack of bananas of varying degrees of ripeness so that customers have a banana that's ripe and ready to eat every 👏 single 👏 day 👏.

    Plus, no more throwing away overripe bananas.

    It's honestly so pretty I could cry.

    The only downside, of course, is the packaging, but I'm confident someone will find a way to make the 'naner pack even more eco-friendly. 👍

    In conclusion: