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Posted on Oct 27, 2017

Which Hidden Treasure On Amazon Prime Video Should Everyone Watch?

Move over, Netflix.

Over the years, we here at BuzzFeed have recommended about a million and a half things for you to watch on Netflix.

20th Century Fox

But Amazon Prime Video also has a ton of awesome TV shows and movies, which anyone with an Amazon Prime account can stream.


So this is where you, an Amazon Prime Video connoisseur, come in: Whether it's a movie, like The Lost City of Z...

Amazon Studios

...a show, like The Collection...


...or a documentary, like City of Ghosts, we want to know all about your favorite hidden gems on Amazon Prime Video.


So tell us via the DropBox below — and make sure you tell us why they're so great — and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post and/or video!