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Men That Will Change The Way You Look At Male Body Image

Husky is beautiful.

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In today's society, men are pressured by society and the media to fit a mold, to have 0% body fat, and to be lean with a six pack at all times. While physical health is important, we need to also view mental health like we do physical health.

Here are a variety of men that will help you, whether you are a male or female, change the way you see the husky male body. Also to help you recognize as to how important a positive mindset is when we view body image.

First, let us look at the men who are trailblazers in Fashion, Hollywood and Sports.

And to the everyday men: our husbands, our brothers, our coworkers, and YOU.

Men, it's perfectly okay to love your body. Whatever shape or size it may be.

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