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    10 Things Students Can Do To Survive An All-Nighter

    According to staff members at EvoEssay, most students report pulling all-nighters on occasion. While the all night study session might be necessary, it can be taxing on both the body and the brain. Worse, the pain doesn’t end when the studying is finished, the paper has been written, or the project has been completed. The student must stay awake long enough to go to class and turn in the work or take the test. Students who know how to get through an all-nighter have some proven tricks that they use. Here are ten of them to try during your next all night cram session.

    1. Take an Afternoon or Early Evening Nap

    2. Start the Evening with a Strong Dose of Caffeine: Then Maintain

    Many students choose to begin the night with a potent energy drink or two. Then, they maintain that energy with coffee or caffeinated soda. Just be sure you know your tolerance level. Too much caffeine can leave you too jittery and nauseated to get anything done.

    3. Set Two Alarms

    4. Stay Hydrated

    5. Eat but Avoid Sugar

    6. Tackle the Difficult Tasks Early

    You don't want to try and learn new concepts or finish difficult tasks at 3 a.m. If you do, there is little chance you will remember it when you need to. Try ending your night with an easy task.

    7. Take a Break Every Thirty Minutes to Move Around

    Simply walking around your dorm room will help to snap your brain out of the thought that you should be sleeping. You'll feel more energized when you sit back down to hit the books again.

    8. Keep the Lights On

    9. Study with a Partner

    If you have another person to study with you can help each other to stay awake and on task. Just keep and mind that the two of you will need to actively study with each other. This doesn't work if you simply study in the same room together.

    10. Get a Ride to School in the Morning

    Walk, take the train or bus, or ask a friend for a lift to school in the morning. Driving on no sleep is reckless and dangerous.