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    46 Things That'll Make Your Neighbors Jealous Of Your Patio This Fall

    Outdoor heaters, autumnal decor, bonfire supplies, and other things to help you have the *best* time in your outdoor space this season.

    1. An outdoor heater with built-in wheels, temp control, and an auto shutoff feature so you can extend outdoor hangouts well into the chilly season we all know is coming.

    a tall standing heater with a small shade-like top

    2. Or a durable and weatherproof Dr. Infrared indoor/outdoor wall/ceiling heater that takes up zero floor space for anyone whose patio is a little on the small side. Choose between three heating modes using the handy remote control, and use the timer and auto shutoff features for extra convenience!

    3. A lovely garland covered in fall leaves (and one with built-in lights) to turn your patio into an autumn wonderland.

    4. A cool hammock chair you'll love hangin' around in.

    5. Or a double cotton hammock with a steel stand and carrying case if a hanging hammock isn't an option.

    Reviewer sitting in hammock by pool

    6. An expandable water- and sun-resistant fence screen with artificial greenery that'll make your patio feel a bit more private and cozy once the real leaves start falling.

    A small patio with the artificial greenery screen surrounding it on two sides.

    7. A classic Weber charcoal grill that doesn't take up a lot of space and is easy to clean so you can host outdoor cookouts even if your patio isn't the biggest in the neighborhood.

    8. Or a fancy firepit you can also use as a wood fire grill to make autumn bonfire nights a whole lot more delicious.

    9. Extendable roasting sticks so you can make perfect s'mores without burning your hand in the process.

    10. And a pouch of Mystical Fire you can drop on any wood fire to magically change the color of the flames into a long-lasting, vibrant rainbow that'll delight your guests.

    A campfire with rainbow flames

    11. Some reclining zero-gravity lounge chairs with attachable cup holders to turn your yard into the ultimate relaxation station.

    Four of the chairs and one with the cup holder attached

    12. Connectable Edison bulb string lights that'll make the people next door wonder if a cute little cocktail bar has moved into the neighborhood.

    13. An electric pressure washer that'll do a really satisfying job of stripping the layers of grime and discoloration off of your deck or patio until it looks like the day it was born. It also works great on cars, boats, fences, buildings, and more!

    14. An outdoor mat that'll give a warm and cozy welcome to your favorite season (and guests)!

    15. Some indoor- *and* outdoor-friendly stretchy spider webbing to ensure that your patio is truly the spookiest this fall.

    16. An outdoor drink stakes set for anyone whose patio area is running a little low on surfaces.

    review pic of a bottle of beer in the drink stake

    17. A light-up palm tree so you can keep the tropical vibes going long after all the other green things surrounding your patio have turned brown.

    18. And some light-up flowers so your patio can be surrounded by a breathtaking garden all year round!

    an array of light up flowers glowing at night

    19. A modern boho-style three-piece bistro set with two chairs and a matching glass-top table that's ideal for small spaces. Plus, it'll make any yard, porch, or patio look instantly more fashionable.

    reviewer image of the black set styled on a small patio

    20. A mesh raised dog bed so your pup has a soft, cool place to relax too.

    a review photo of a raised bed with a dog laying on top

    21. Or a cat tent so your feline friends or other small animals can safely join you in the yard.

    A cat sits on a blanket in the cat tent

    22. A portable karaoke microphone that'll turn your patio into the coolest karaoke bar in town! The speaker is built in, so all you have to do is connect it to your phone or other device via Bluetooth or cable and start singin' the hits!

    23. A tall table cooler combo in case you need both a high top *and* somewhere to keep your bevvies chilled.

    The hgih top table extending out of the cooler base, with food on the table and drinks and ice in the cooler base

    24. A citronella candle that mosquitoes hate almost as much as you hate them.

    Model lighting candle with match

    25. An outdoor movie setup that includes a 100-inch screen and a mini projector so you can bring movie night to the backyard this autumn! The projector works with a variety of streaming devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, Fire TV Stick, and Roku so you can access all your fave shows with ease.

    26. And an inflatable 14-foot screen if you wanna take your outdoor cinema experience to the next level.

    the blow up screen showing a football game

    27. Some pumpkin string lights for anyone who's been in the Halloween spirit for months already and is waiting for everyone else to catch up.

    The jack-o-lantern string lights

    28. An ~a-gourd-able~ lumbar pillow that'll add some cozy fall flavor to your outside seating.

    pillow with gourds pattern

    29. A very fun oversized block-stacking game that'll turn your patio into everyone's favorite hangout spot for game night.

    30. A durable and super-warm outdoor blanket so you can stay cozy outside even on chillier nights.

    31. A weatherproof outdoor beanbag chair for anyone who would much prefer to just plop themselves down on one of these than sit in some stinkin' chair!