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    32 Products Reviewers Have Said Are A Complete "10/10"

    These brilliant items work so well, they go beyond 5 stars according to reviewers.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of sewer- and septic-safe flushable wet wipes so you don't have to worry about them clogging up your pipes when you need something less dry and scratchy than regular TP.

    2. A bottle of Lash Princess mascara that defines and separates lashes to give you the bold look you usually need ~falsies~ for. Plus, it'll last all day — even in hot weather — without clumping, flaking, fading, or wearing.

    reviewer photo showing one eye with the mascara and the other without

    3. Some Cerave Moisturizing Cream that uses hyaluronic acid and ceramides to help soothe, hydrate, and nourish dry, itchy skin. Reviewers say it's super effective and absorbs quickly on both your face *and* body without leaving a greasy feeling behind.

    4. A portable iRoller screen cleaner to make your electronic devices sparkle like the day they were born. Forget disposable wipes and sprays — this washable gadget fits nicely in your bag and can be reused over and over again!

    5. A mini cast-iron skillet for those tiny concoctions you don't feel like dirtying a full-size pan to make. It's great for individual eggs, small desserts, dips, and more — plus, you can even use it as a spoon rest while cookin' up bigger dishes.

    6. A pack of silicone baking mats so you can make cookies, bacon, and other things in the oven whenever you want without having to decide if it's worth needing to scrape a baking plan clean after. Nothing talks me out of cooking and baking like anticipating a hefty cleanup, but these make it so much easier!

    reviewer photo showing a baking sheet with the baking mat applied and crispy bacon laying across it

    7. A mammoth-sized lint roller for anyone whose archnemesis is all the pet hair and dust clinging to their carpets, couches, clothes, and more.

    8. A pack of headrest organizers so your bags and jackets don't have to spend the entire trip rolling around on the floor, dumping out their contents everywhere, and winding up covered in whatever grime has been hiding under your seats since the beginning of time.

    9. A hypoallergenic, waterproof, *and* noiseless mattress protector so the next time drinking wine in bed turns out to be a ~pour~ decision, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing any spills won't ruin your expensive mattress. Plus, this protector is super soft, cool, and breathable, and it won't change the feel of the mattress you spent ~forever~ picking out.

    10. An all-natural tub and tile cleaner because you don't want soap scum, mildew, and other grime hanging around the place where *you* get clean. Also, it'll leave a wonderful aroma of tea tree and eucalyptus in your bathroom instead of the smell of gross chemicals.

    11. A cooktop cleaning kit — it'll make it easy-peasy to remove the years' worth of crud stuck to your stove top that you've been staring at, hoping it'll magically disappear one day. Cue the grateful reviewers who thought they'd never be able to get their stove totally clean.

    before and after photo of reviewer's stovetop, showing it is completely cleaned and looks new after using the cleaning kit

    12. An odor-eliminating spray that'll help easily take care of tough stains and deep odors left behind by pets or other organic spills. Reviewers rave about how easily and effectively this stuff works on everything from urine to even grosser accidents we'd...rather not think about.

    The spray bottle

    13. A pan and pot lid organizer appreciated by reviewers who hate digging through mountains of cookware just to find the particular pan they need that's of course at the bottom of the pile.

    reviewer photo showing their pots and pans neatly stacked on the organizer

    14. A cutlery organizer tray that'll turn your kitchen drawer from 😱 to 😎!! It'll give you wayyyyyyy more drawer space, keep your silverware nicely organized, *and* make emptying the dishwasher a whole lot easier.

    reviewer photo showing the silverware sorter on the right

    15. A Schick Silk Touch-Up Tool so you don't have to pay to remove peach fuzz. Plus, it works painlessly and precisely, leaving your face oh so smooth without the irritation marks that most threading or razors leave behind.

    16. A foaming garbage disposal cleaner that'll banish the foul odor coming from your sink so you don't have to get up close and personal with last week's rotting veggies.

    17. An eco-friendly oven scrub cleaner designed to make oven disasters a lot *less* disastrous. It's made with gritty pumice stone so you can easily scrape out those burnt-on bits on the sides, racks, and even on the door's glass panel.

    18. A wood polish and conditioner with beeswax and orange oil that'll impressively hide those dings and scratches making your floors, doors, furniture, and other wood surfaces look old and dingy. Now you can put off replacing them and save some $$$!

    reviewer photo showing a dramatic before and after of their front doors

    19. A bottle of streak-free Fog Gone to keep your eyeglasses, sunglasses, face shields, car windows, and more from constantly getting all cloudy and fogged up.

    20. A borderline magical Muslin Comfort blanket — it's ultra breathable and temperature regulating so you can snuggle up without waking up at 3 a.m. in a pool of your own sweat. Plus, it's oversized, so you and your blanket-hogging partner (or dog) can stop fighting each other for coverage every dang night. Even skeptical reviewers are impressed by how this has changed the way they sleep.

    white muslin blanket on a made-up bed

    21. A bottle of biotin shampoo to help anyone experiencing hair loss, a dry scalp, or dandruff. It's sulfate and paraben free and is packed with natural ingredients like biotin, keratin, and jojoba oil to help thicken and moisturize your locks.

    reviewer before and after photo showing their hairline noticeably fuller and thicker after using the shampoo

    22. A pack of dishwasher-cleaning tablets because who wants to spend time loading up the dishwasher only for it to present you with dishes that are STILL dirty?? No thank you.

    23. A sleek and convenient water bottle organizer for anyone running out of places to store their ever-growing collection of tumblers.

    reviewer photo showing their water bottles and tumblers perfectly organized, maximizing space in their cupboards with the organizers

    24. And a pack of cleaning tablets to get rid of those stains, smells, and tastes making you wonder if it's time for a new thermos. *SPOILER ALERT* It's probably not! But it is time for these tablets to get in there and do the hard cleaning for you — no scrubbing or extra effort required on your part!

    before and after photo of reviewer's travel mug, showing it is completely cleaned and restored after using the tablets

    25. Some shampoo bars that'll make your shower feel much less cluttered, while cutting down on your single-use bottles.

    Hands holding five different shampoo bar scents

    26. A touchless vacuum that'll make you wonder why you ever owned a regular dust pan. No more bending over and transporting your filth to the trash can — just sweep directly over to this ingenious device and watch it slurp up every last crumb.

    27. Some Leather Honey designed to quickly and gently remove dirt, oil, tough stains, and other grime from leather *and* faux-leather goods, so you can get your furniture, handbags, shoes, jackets, and more back to looking nice and spiffy! Just grab a bottle of this stuff and a scrubbing brush to get started.

    28. A car visor tissue holder so you don't have to dig around in your glove compartment every time your seasonal allergies start acting up while you're trying to keep your eyes on the road.

    29. Some good ol' Goo Gone so you can stop picking at tape and stickers that never come off cleanly, no matter how hard you try. But that's not all — this stuff'll make all manner of grime shudder with fear once it realizes its days are numbered.

    30. A detangling brush specifically designed for natural Black hair so you can get the tangles out of wet *or* dry hair with NO pain!

    31. A flexible universal tablet stand to hold up your tablet so you can keep your hands free! It's designed so you can use it while sitting, lying down, or even on uneven surfaces. Plus, the legs fold for easy storage.

    the black tablet holder with four legs over a model's legs, showing how it holds the tablet easily

    32. And finally, a rechargeable electric lighter so you can stop running out of lighter fluid and doing all kinds of acrobatics to get your ancient gas station lighter to give you just one more flame.

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