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    26 Gifts For The Guitar Player In Your Life That Are Under $25 And Actually Practical

    Don't ~fret~. You don't have to be a musician to find a gift that will strike a chord!

    1. A 12-pack of guitar picks because they're kinda like lip balm. You swear you had like so many, BUT WHERE ARE THEY??

    Eight guitar picks in a variety of colors

    2. A cool DIY guitar pick punch that lets you create custom picks out of virtually any plastic!

    The guitar pick punch getting ready to make a pick out of a Macy's card sitting next to a pile of picks made from various cards and plastic with the caption: "RIP to my old Blockbuster card"

    3. Some personalized guitar picks to make your gift even more thoughtful and unique.

    A variety of custom picks featuring a photos of pets and loved ones on one side and messages like "I love you" and "Always here for you" on the other side

    4. A guitar wall hanger that lets their instrument moonlight as a home decor piece when not in use. It's also a great space-saver for tiny apartments and is easy to install!

    5. Or a folding A-frame guitar stand in case they want something a little more grounded that's also easily portable.

    An electric guitar in the stand

    6. Some instrument cables that have a lifetime warranty and are only $9.99. Do you ever feel like you’re always buying phone chargers because yours just like ...stopped working… again? Guitar cables have a similar reputation, so it's always good to have some extras on hand.

    The cable coiled up next to its packaging

    7. Some glow in the dark fret markers to make it easier to play in dimly lit rooms. But remember, just because you can play Wonderwall flawlessly at a rave doesn't mean you should.

    the fret markers glowing in the dark on a guitar neck

    8. A capo that clamps down on guitar strings to allow players to easily change the key they are playing in. It's super helpful when learning or writing new songs. If you doubt their importance, just know that playing Wonderwall without one is borderline unthinkable.

    9. A mini guitar headphone amplifier to keep late-night jam sessions from attracting the ire of roommates, neighbors, and parents who might be less than charmed by even the most impressive shredding once the clock strikes 11.

    A closeup of the mini guitar amplifier

    10. A clip-on guitar tuner that makes tuning super convenient!

    11. An all-in-one restringing tool to make changing strings a lot less of a struggle.

    12. A foot tambourine to give guitar players the the option to add a lil' extra rhythm and STILL use both hands for guitar even while playing solo!

    The foot tambourine strapped to Model's shoe

    13. A guitar-shaped teaspoon to jazz up a dessert or hot beverage.

    Seven guitar spoons showcasing each of the colors included

    14. A glass guitar slide that slips right over the players' fingers so they can smoothly glide from note to note. This classic sound is perfect for styles like country or blues, but is great for other genres too!

    Two ocean blue slides next to each other. One standing straight up and the other lying down on its side showing that it is hollow

    15. A sturdy guitar strap that comes in a variety of fun colors and features a super convenient pick holder so you always have some on hand for the *inevitable* moment you drop the one you're using.

    16. Or a vegan guitar strap that makes a great alternative to more common straps that often use leather. It comes in a variety of colors and reviewers love how affordable and durable it is!

    A closeup of the guitar strap in teal

    17. Some Beatles guitar picks so that you can truly ~pick~ your favorite Beatle. Plus, they come in a cool collectible tin!

    A tin pick holder with The Beatles' logo on it partially open and a variety of Beatles picks

    18. Some Fender strap blocks to provide an extra layer of security so that a beloved guitar doesn't go crashing to the ground if the strap happens to loosen.

    19. A beautifully crafted guitar wall hanger that provides space to store other accessories too!

    The guitar hanger holding a guitar, a capo, some fingerpicks, a clip on tuner, and some guitar picks

    20. A hand exerciser with adjustable and customizable tension for each finger to improve dexterity and strength. You can even remove the reversible molded grip to uncover a simulated string to help develop and maintain finger callouses!

    Model uses the hand exerciser

    21. A set of Hearos earplugs that are made to protect your ears without the uncomfortable feel and muffled sound of classic earplugs.

    22. A plush microfiber polishing cloth to keep guitars clean and sparkling without scratching them up. Giving the strings a wipe down after use is a great way to increase their lifespan too.

    23. A gooseneck phone holder that'll make viewing chords and lyrics on a phone while playing guitar so much easier. It's also great for taking selfies and videos, so start planning your next livestream concert!

    24. A guitar chord poster perfect for beginners who might need a visual aid to help them remember chord shapes while learning. Plus, this colorful one has a cool vintage feel that'll look nice on any wall!

    The basic guitar chords poster

    25. And a helpful guitar chord chart stamp ideal for players and songwriters that want to write down their own chord charts and don't feel like drawing it from scratch every single time.

    The stamp

    26. Lastly, if you want to really commit to helping the guitarist in your life stop losing those elusive little plastic wanderers, might I suggest a giant pick-shaped pick holder?

    The opened up pick holder containing a variety of guitar picks

    Me waiting for my new set of guitar picks to come in the mail bc I lost the ones I had again.

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