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    • jonathank30

      Born and raised and still living in Ohio…
      1. I hate most sports, football included. Baseball is ok. I know a lot of Ohioans who don’t follow Ohio State. I graduated from Bowling Green; if I follow anything it’s that. 2,3,4. More or less, yes.
      5. Yes, but doesn’t everyone?
      6. Yes, the town center.
      7. Never heard of them. Looking at the picture, no shoes resemble those in my closet.
      8. Don’t see many Donatos but do see a lot of Pizza Huts, Dominos, and Papa Johns.
      9. Not really, not like Texas or something.
      10. Only if you’re from the northern half of the state.
      11. Who doesn’t?
      12. I know maybe 20 people from my class of 400 that married their sweetheart from high school. Not exactly overwhelming.
      13. Yes, of course, who doesn’t? Consistently voted number 1 amusement park on the planet.
      14-17; yes, though the work out clothes thing only if you are under 25.
      18. Never heard of it, sounds good.
      19. Yes, but who doesn’t?
      20. I’ve heard it but not prevalent.
      21. Only if you are from Cincinatti. The rest of us think it is gross.
      23. Yes.
      24. Not really. I like to shoot but most people I know don’t.
      25. Yes to tennis shoes, never heard tennys.
      26. Never heard of it.
      27. Yes; we like going to the lake, but never heard anyone call it ‘going to the beach’ unless they were already in the area and literally going to a beach.
      28. No, not really. Never heard a vacuum called a sweeper. A sweeper is a hand powered thing that picks up crumbs.
      29.Yeah, but it’s still behind McDonalds and BK in sales.
      30. this is assuming people know history.

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