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  • 17 Insane Pumpkin Carvings To Make You Feel Inadequate

    Nothing crushes the dreams of Halloween lovers then facing the reality that most of us just can’t carve pumpkins. The enthusiasm of the season makes you feel invincible when your buying the pumpkin, choosing the design and even outlining it, but as soon as you begin carving the overwhelming sense of inadequacy begins to flood. It’s just hard.

  • 9 Awesome Halloween Candy Ideas

    Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate the consumption of $2.3 billion that will be spent on October 31st and the 35 million pounds of candy corn we have put together a list of nine awesome Halloween candy ideas.

  • How A Candy Company Wasted 150 Hours & 500 Pounds Of Candy - See What They Came Up With…

    See what happens when diehard football fans who happen to work at a candy store put their brains together. The marketing team at a Nashville candy company were so happy that football season was right around the corner that they devoted three full weeks to creating arguably the most intense display of candy and football passion yet seen by either community. After hundreds of pounds of candy, intense team to color matching debates and several broken vases the guys pulled together an incredible collection of football candy buffets.

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