25 Computer Games That Defined Your Childhood

In no specific order here are some of the greatest childhood computer games

1. The ClueFinders

2. JumpStart First Grade

3. Spy Fox

4. Crayola Make A Masterpiece

5. Gizmos & Gadgets

6. Freddi Fish

7. Backyard Baseball

8. Sim City 2000

9. Barbie Riding Club

10. Lego Island

11. Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego?

12. The Sims

13. Type to Learn

14. Tonka Search And Rescue

15. Zoombinis

16. Math Blaster

17. Reader Rabbit Kindergarten

18. RollerCoaster Tycoon

19. Kid Pix Studio

20. The Oregon Trail

21. Math Rabbit

22. The American Girls

23. Putt Putt Saves the Zoo

24. Candy Land Adventure


25. Pipe Dream

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