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Did You Hear? We're All Going To Die Someday!


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Yup, you heard it here first. Whether you're rich or poor, black or white, the endless expanse of death will inevitably consume us all.

You heard it here first! Every single person you have ever known is either already dead, or almost there. In fact, the very fact that they were born means they are bound to die. Some day, they will say their last words to you. Maybe that already happened and you just don't know it yet! Gee, the world sure is a crazy place!

Any second now, you could die. That's right! It could happen whenever. Spooky! Though some people say that everyone lives on figuratively through the effects of their actions like water rippling out from a stone being dropped in a lake, nothing can save a person from the inevitability of death.

It's true! People have been worrying about their death since the beginning of time! And guess what: None of their worrying did anything! They're all dead now! Wowza.

The crazy part is: you might do it alone! That's right. While no one comes into this world alone, many people come face to face with death with no one by their side. Worst of all, many people, now corpses, have died unsatisfied. Before their death, they looked at their lives with contempt and regret. In fact, some people's last thoughts are about how they wish they had done things differently. What a terrible way to end your time on Earth!

The jury's still out about what happens next. Some say there's another life waiting for us all, and that it is either immeasurably better or infinitely worse than the life we're currently living. Some say that nothing happens at all, and that all conscious activity ceases at the moment of death. No one can say for sure, but most people agree that an honest assessment of the prospect of dying is the most terrifying thought a person can have.

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