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    • johnt74

      She’s not shocking. This isn’t shocking. This is lame because she tries so hard to be “edgy” and “dangerous.” Like Lady Gaga. They try too hard. So hard it’s lame and cheesy. I don’t care about it being her business like all her defenders seem to say. If it’s her business, why is she going on a show with millions of viewers (MTV Music Awards) and trying so hard to get a rise out of people? Do you really think these pics were meant to be stored in her basement forever? NO! This IS our business. Because all this material is MEANT to be seen and disseminated! Her menstrual cycles are her business. Her family is her business. Anything she actually tries to protect is her business and we should respect. But she is NOT trying to protect her body or her image, therefore it is OURS to criticize as we please, because she’s giving it to us. So come up with something else with which to defend her.  Her and Lady Gaga are just traveling the very road that Marilyn Manson traversed, except he did it better, and it meant something. He was able to back up everything he did with intellect, whether you agreed with his behavior or not. And then it got to the point in 2001 where he started acting like Miley and Gaga: trying way too hard to shock. To steal a piece of goodness from The Onion, it was as if he resorted to “knocking on people’s doors trying to shock them” after a while.  When you come off as trying too hard, what ever shock you hope to generate becomes lame. Miley Cyrus is lame. What makes it more cheesy is that the retarded ass tongue thing is something she’s trying so hard to get over as popular. She’s trying too hard to make that “her thing,” her trademark, if you will. It just reeks of trying too hard.  She won’t ever stop what she’s doing, not because she has the integrity to stick to what she believes in, or because she’s so “anti-establishment” that she’s “throwing the middle finger to America,” no that’s what she wants you to think, that she’s an “artist” and that she’s “dangerous,” she’s not; she won’t stop this because she isn’t confident that her music skills are enough to sell records and keep her name in the mainstream.  I give her ten years before she ends up on VH1’s newest reality show “House of Hasbeens” with a bunch of other future D-list celebs like Snookie and Khloe Kardashian.  YAWN.  Next fad please.

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