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    • johns212

      Miley,Miley,Miley. Teenagers today/ Hhmmmm. Everybody is trying to understand them and everybody is out to judge them. The FUNNY THING is that just a few years ago [the HOLYr THAN THOUS} were all upset about Maddonna Lip Syncing about being {like a Virgin) while wearing a White Bridal gown and there was a Disney Childstar- Britney Spears Lip Syncing while wearing a Flesh bodysock carrying a snake.OOOOHH!> Then there was Britney & Christine Ariguila with Maddonna making out,> Oooooh- AND THEN: Just Last night, there was just another Disney childstar trying to make Everyone Freak The Heck out! And it must have, because, today everyone who saw Miley Cyrus Break out of the cute lil Hannah Montana mode that Disney made her…. Everybody needs to remember, Miley was never Hannah Montana to begin with. She is an ENTERTAINER. SHE GETS PAID TO ENTERTAIN US……Its SHOW Business Yo! And SHOW BUSINESS is all about the Disney Ho! THE REAL QUESTION is WHERE WAS MONDONNA during Mileys Moment?

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