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    • johnr25

      Me I went back to school at 40 student loans total $5600 taken out. Paid $7000 still owe $11000 how does that figure. Became disabled in “98 Asked for forms and paperwork 17 times. for Disabled status since “98 finally received paperwork 5/5/2013. Went through 9 collection agents never notified until after placed in default even though I was making payments. I was harassed and threatened when I couldn’t payoff total loan on demand 9 times they bumped my total up $1000 to $1800 each time. Never did I run try to hide or shirk my responsibility for those loans. It was not out of the hands of the Department of Education not once they knew where I was and my situation. I should have never gone through any of this after “98 if they had not actively denied me the channels that they were obligated to allow me to follow. What they did was Fraudulent and criminal just so they could grossly over charge me. They sold or gave away access to my info allowing others to steal my Identity 3 times
      They destroyed my credit for life. If I was able to work they ruined any chance of that. I can’t even have my own checking account with out a co-signer. Was it worth get a stafford loan to go back to school for $5600.00 Not on your life, Start asking anyone who became disabled while on a student loan how well they were treated it won’t be much different for them either

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