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9 Reasons Why Stacy's Mom Had It Going On

This catchy three minute ear candy by Fountains of Wayne has been stuck in our heads since 2003.

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2. She Wasn't Constantly On Her Phone


I mean, it's there in case of an emergency, but Stacy's mom was really rad because she knew that spending more time on her cell phone meant being more disconnected from her family, her "me time", and the beauty of the world around her.

3. She Cleaned Up Around the House


She knew her daughter (Stacy) was on a date, so instead of embarrassing her by yelling at her to clean up the mess, she nicely and discreetly did it for her. Stacy's potential boyfriend might have noticed her cleaning, but that's because he can't mind his own business.

4. She Played Sports and Promoted an Active Lifestyle


Those kids probably thinks she was just putting her tennis rackets in the trunk, but she could have easily done that at the tennis court before leaving to pick up Stacy. Instead, she took the opportunity of having Stacy's classmates around to show them that it's cool to be involved in sports and that exercise can be fun. That kid who looks like Ric Ocasek sure thinks so.


5. She Was an Advocate for Healthy Eating


You see those apples? Stacy's boy toy sure does. Stacy's mom practiced what she preached and always kept a bowl of fresh fruit to snack on, making her the coolest mom on the block.

6. But She Let Her Daughter Drink Soda Sometimes


We know Stacy's mom was into healthy eating (apples) and being active (tennis), but what makes her a cool mom is the fact that she knew Stacy was a kid, and sometimes it's OK for kids to drink soda and eat snack foods. Plus, nothing impresses a middle school boyfriancé like cherry soda.

7. She Was Always Optimistic


Even when it was raining outside, she had a smile on. She didn't let the weather ruin her day at the pool and had a happy-go-lucky demeanor even when the going got tough, making her an awesome role model for her daughter.

8. She Encouraged Stacy to Learn Foreign Languages


The "ocupado" sign (translation: occupied) on the bathroom door is one of the many little things Stacy's mom put up around the house to help her daughter learn Spanish in a fun, practical way. She knew how important diversity and well-roundedness are for a successful academic future.

So the next time you hear this song, give your mom a call and let her know how much she means to you. She's got it going on too, even if what she's got going on gets unnoticed sometimes.

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