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15 Reasons Hilary Duff Should Be Every Disney Star's Role Model

She was Lizzie McGuire...need I say more?

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1. Lizzie McGuire was fabulous...really, really fabulous.

2. She had a cartoon version of herself.

Disney / Via

3. She got to stand in-between these two hotties in Cheaper by the Dozen.

20th Century Fox / Via

Seriously, Tom Welling and Jared Padalecki in one scene? That's one lucky girl.

4. She managed to make Casper even cuter than before.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / Via

Hilary Duff as Wendy is too adorable.

5. She got to kiss this guy...

Warner Bros. / Via

Hello, Chad Michael Murray!

6. And this guy.

Disney / Via

Remember when Aaron Carter made a cameo on Lizzie McGuire and the whole gang danced in his music video? Oh, and when they dated in real life? So amazing.

7. She even looked good as a brunette!

Disney / Via

The Lizzie McGuire Movie was case you forgot.

8. She could actually sing!

Disney / Via

Every song Hilary has ever sung is pretty fantastic.

9. Hilary never buzzed off all her hair or got married in Vegas.

She just had an amazing career, got married, and had her adorable son, big deal.

10. Laguna Beach used her song "Come Clean" as their theme song.

Buena Vista / Via

Let's be honest, LC, Stephen, and Kristen's love triangle wouldn't have been as spectacular without this theme song.

11. She always puts family first.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

Hilary has always been BFFs with her sister Haylie.

12. She rocked colored locks before it was cool.

Disney / Via

Kesha's rainbow locks have nothing on the original red hues that Hilary sported on Lizzie McGuire.

13. She made ribbon dancing cool. Well, sort of.

Disney / Via

Cadet Kelly is one of the greatest Disney Channel original movies know you agree.

14. She's still the greatest role model, ever.

15. She has a new record and it's better than ever. / Via

When "Chasing The Sun" hit, every girl born in the '80s and '90s rejoiced with glee.

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