9 Types Of People You’ll Definitely Meet On Vacation

They will look for you, they will find you, and they will kill your holiday buzz.

1. The Weird Couple From Back Home That Want To “Keep In Touch”

The type of people you came on holiday to get away from in the first place.

2. The Old Sunworshipper

Flickr / Via Flickr: alan-light

They’ve spent so long in the sun that their skin starts to resemble an old leather couch.

3. The Devil Child Sent To Ruin Your Holiday

Welcome to hell.

4. That Guy

Flickr / Via Flickr: ramella

5. The Old Guy In Budgie-Smugglers

Balls everywhere…

6. The Overly-Affectionate Newlyweds

The ones that won’t shut up about their round-the-world honeymoon and how awesome it was. Give them a year and they’ll be divorced.

7. The Posh Rich Kids

You spent a year working your arse off to save up for this. Daddy paid for theirs with his loose change.

8. The Skinny White Boy That Should Probably Keep His Top On But Doesn’t

Welcome to the gun show.

9. Old People Having Far More Fun Than You Are

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