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13 Facts All FanGirls(Guys) Can Relate To.

As extremely passionate people about obscure and mainstream things, or people we share a lot in common.

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1. It can be incredibly expensive!

FX / Via

this is sadly not even an exaggeration....

2. Certain "Ships" can be harder to explain than others.

Cartoon Network / Via

"SHOEY" anyone?

3. Almost anything can trigger a "Moment"

BBC / Via

it can be damn near impossible to bring it to an end.

4. Claiming to be part of fandom has to come with plenty of ammunition for why you deserve the title.

Universal Pictures / Via

and that you're not just a poser.

5. When you're introduced to something new and amazing, everything can cease to exist.

CW / Via

At least for a few days while you catch up on all that you missed.

6. You're quick to know if someone is lying about anything having to do with your fandom.

Summit Entertainment / Via

and just as quick to point out why it is false.

7. Regardless of what fandom you're in, you know...

BBC / Via

you knew it was coming sooner or later in this article.

8. When you see someone reference one of your fandoms you're instantly excited.

Dreamworks / Via

You're also free to approach this person and fangirl together.

9. The more obscure the better

CW / Via

We've all had that moment where we just...

10. You and your friends get into arguments about who is actually dating that celebrity or character.

MTV / Via

Exhibit A: jiggly butt... erh... ehm.. i mean Tyler Hoechlin...

11. Some "fangirl" moments can be incredibly emotional...

Hub / Via

i think i need to lie down...

12. You look up to obscure individuals and characters during hard times.

Fox / Via

Sometimes you learn valuable life lessons from your fandom.

13. Some Fandoms can be incredibly intimidating.

Tokyo MX / Via

I think i need to change my pants.....

BONUS: If you spend anytime on tumblr you know that Dylan O'Brien is the princess of the internet.


and we all know its because of his killer dance moves.

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