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The 17 Best #FakeDWPStories

You couldn't make it up, well apparently you can.

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The Department for Work and Pensions have admitted making up fake stories to demonstrate the success of their benefit sanctions. They created fake claimants and wrote multiple stories talking about how benefits sanctions actually made their lives better.

In one, dubbed 'Sarah's story', she speak about how getting her benefits cut pushed her towards finishing her CV. In response to this discovering the DWP have said these stories were for 'illustrative purposes only' and not, you know, actual stories from people like they were being showcased as.

Twitter has, unsurprisingly, responded, showing the DWP that it too can make up fake stories. I've collected some of the best, maybe the DWP can use these in the future?

For some sanctions cured their blindness

My blindness was a setback until I was sanctioned by the DWP. I'm an airline pilot now all thanks to DWP! #fakeDWPstories

Sanctions can even produce medical miracles

I lost both my legs in a accident, however after visiting the DWP, they both grew back again and I can run 10 miles unaided #fakeDWPstories

It's given Jeremy Corbyn the impetus to run for Labour leader

"Everyone said I was too old, but the DWP helped me find the confidence to apply for a new job." #fakeDWPstories

Having no money is a great stress reducer!

#fakeDWPstories I actually volunteered for a longterm sanction because I heard via twitter theyre excellent for reducing anxiety and stress

Sanctions gave Moi a chance to get rid of unwanted mouths

Sanctions meant I could no longer feed my children, so I sold them & my social life has never been better! #fakeDWPstories

And she also used sanctions to return to a simpler time

Since my benefits were stopped my foraging skills have come on fantastically as I now live off berries & road kill #fakeDWPstories

And Moi's not the only one

#fakedwpstories Thanks to sanctions, I've learnt how to make meals out of leftovers. So long as security don't catch me in the bins at Lidl

Yeah! Who needs food anyway?

"As a millennial, I was obsessed with eating. Now I can't eat. I am a Good Millennial now." #fakeDWPstories

The sanctions can even help those poor souls who aren't even human

"The DWP - so successful we're even finding jobs for dogs." #fakeDWPstories

Sanctions have helped create the next Sir Alan Sugar

I was sanctioned for being late, so I built a rickshaw from scrap wood & pram wheels & gave rides. Now I own a bus company. #fakeDWPstories

Who needs electricity when you have earwax?

When the DWP sanctioned me I was grateful, because I learned how to make candles out of a earwax #FakeDWPStories

Benefit Sanctions - the new fad diet

"My weight was making me depressed, but after the DWP sanctioned my benefits it's simply dropping off. I feel AMAZING!" #fakeDWPstories

Getting in touch with nature is another great plus

"Losing my benefits has given me a much greater appreciation of nature now I live in the park." #fakeDWPstories

Sanctions have even made some people astronauts

Thank god for the @DWP & their wonderful #Sanctions without mine I would never have become an astronaut & walked on the moon #fakeDWPstories

Sometimes you just need a little push

When I was sanctioned I realised I had to get my hands dirty. Luckily, I became homeless and didn't wash for 13 months #fakeDWPstories

It appears the DWP have even done this sort of thing before

It's not like DWP have done anything like this before. They forgot to use a planted account for this. #fakeDWPstories

But don't worry, we all know when you have nothing to live on, you have nothing lose!

Being sanctioned by the DWP gave me the impetus to get rid of my terminal cancer and up off my lazy bone idle arse. #fakeDWPstories

It was only earlier this year the Commons Work and Pensions Select Committee called for an inquiry to look at the way sanctions were applied. It was feared in some cases sanctions were causing "severe financial hardship" and even food poverty.

The DWP have said these stories have been removed but it's worrying they existed in the first place. With the number of people using food banks, and the gap between the rich and poor widening by the day, we really need to ask whether sanctioning people, for whatever reason, is okay, and ask whether sanctions have actually help anyone at all.

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