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16 Amazing And Disturbing Photos Of The Colorado Wildfires

Colorado is being ravaged by six wildfires in the worst outbreak since 2002. At least 270 homes have been destroyed and one death has been reported.

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The Colorado Springs Gazette/ Jerilee Bennett / AP

Animals from evacuated areas of Colorado Springs, Colorado are housed at the local Humane Society on Sunday, June 24, 2012, as a wildfire continues to burn nearby. The fire erupted and grew out of control to more than 3 square miles early Sunday, prompting the evacuation of more than 11,000 residents and an unknown number of tourists.



The Colorado Springs Gazette, Christian Murdock / AP

Karen Bodine loads alfalfa as her husband, Greg Bodine, and her father, Duane Schormann, load her father's animals into a trailer as a wildfire burns near their home in Cascade, Colorado.


The Colorado Springs Gazette, Jerilee Bennett / AP

Christina Morris watches in horror as the wildfire burns nearby her home in Colorado Springs. Morris began to prepare in the event she and her family would need to evacuate.