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    • johnd74

      In the perfect world where everything was just and fair.. then there wouldn’t be a pay disparity to talk of. However, we live in a society that conditions women to expect entitlements. Yeah, I know that sounds harsh, but just consider the idea of “Ladies night”. Start there, and you might get somewhere. Second, for every women that is completely legit, there are 9 others that are willing to screw their boss for some perks. If it weren’t true people.. it wouldn’t be happening over and over and over again. Im just saying. I don’t support these ideas.. But I am just pointing out reality.

    • johnd74

      What’s even more sad is that we have a media (TYT, Im referring to you) who try to make this light hearted by giving her a pass and stating we shouldn’t have such high expectations for beauty contestants because we should only care if they are hot or not. This is exactly the kind of thinking that got us in this sad state of affairs. Whats the statistic I heard yesterday? Oh yeah, that only like 10% if that of population actually critical thinks, or has a grasp of the world beyond a 6th grader. Ugh, we deserve everything we have coming to us. “Someday a real rain will come and wipe all the scum off the earth” - Taxi Driver

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