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The 19 Worst Things You Can Do On Vacation

Vacation is supposed to be a stress reliever. Here's how that can backfire.

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1. You overpack.

2. You sit next to the crazy person on the plane.

3. You refuse to get directions and end up in less than desirable locations.

4. You book a cheap hotel.

5. You find yourself surrounded by annoying kids.

6. Or local wildlife you're not a fan of.

7. You get rowdy at the pool.

8. You pick a shady attraction to go to.

9. You waste the day in the hotel room.

10. And go overboard with room service.

11. Your tummy ache gives you insomnia.

12. Which causes you to get cranky and fight with your friends.

13. You storm out not looking your best.

14. Which leads you to show off by speaking the local language.

15. Which causes you to ignore warnings to not drink the local water.

16. You underestimate your plans for the day.

17. So you bite off more than you can chew.

18. And overexert yourself.

19. And of course, you try to relive all that stress with that one vacay hookup.

Enjoy your vacation.

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