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Panda Express Changed Their Fried Rice Recipe And Everyone Is Freaking Out

With soaring egg prices, Panda Express decided to swap scrambled eggs for sweet corn in their fried rice recipe. Some customers are not happy about the change. RE: BUZZFEED APPLICATION

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Eggs are becoming scarce and expensive.

Egg prices are hitting record highs, raising demand for substitutes

Restaurants are now having trouble finding a reliable source of affordable eggs, due to the shortage. Many have gone to axe the protein off their menus.

Eggs are now more expensive than chicken, so eat those omelets while you can.

Until now...

Panda express removed eggs from their fried rice #staywoke

The chefs at Panda decided to replace eggs for sweet corn, to assure consistency.

@coco_Sarah After testing many recipes & based on our cooking methods the addition of corn is necessary to assure consistency of our rice.

Some Panda customers were caught off guard by the change.

Wtf @PandaExpress?! Corn in your fried rice?!? When did this happen? πŸ‘Ž

When they start putting corn in Panda Express fried rice

Others are protesting the move.

How to send @PandaExpress a message to stop putting corn in their god damn fried rice...

Some even need time off from work.

Crying so hard about Panda Express replacing eggs with corn in the fried rice that work assumed a family member died and sent me home early.

While others question whether life is worth living anymore.

when panda express puts corn in the fried rice and takes out the eggs

The worst part: the change is expected to last 2 years.

Panda Express removed eggs from its fried rice because of the egg shortage; corn is there instead. This will last about 2 years.


Panda Express uses corn in their fried rice now and it's horrible. @PandaExpress fix it Jesus

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