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    How One Facebook Page Will Make You Fall In Love With School Again

    Now that the end of school is around the corner for my 2nd and 4th grade daughters, I realized that there is something that I will miss terribly this summer – their school’s Facebook updates. Here are 10 posts that made me just fall in love with school again.

    1. Must See Infamous Cinder Block & Sledge Hammer Experiment / Via

    Watch Physics Teacher Mr. Winter school 6th grade students on inertia and mass in a way they'll likely never forget (don't worry... Mr. Winter is still alive and well).

    2. One English Teacher’s Tribute to David Bowie and Alan Rickman / Via Facebook: BINSBK

    Mr. Griffin is a graphic novelist, and he put his skills to use to get the kids to honor two great artists who are sorely missed.

    3. 4th Grader’s Epic Basketball Stunt

    Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: BINSBK

    You, too, will watch this a couple of times in utter disbelief.

    4. Deep Thoughts: English Teacher Mr. D’Amato on National Poetry Day

    Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: BINSBK

    Hot Air Balloon

    UFOs are like

    hot air balloons.

    from that point-of-view

    any visitor

    (from the vast

    space above)



    “this world is


    by cars”.

    5. Confirmation Whip Nae Nae is the New Macarena

    Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: BINSBK

    The Whip Nae Nae cannot be stopped either.

    6. Love This Teacher Who Wore A Space Helmet for Spirit Week’s Crazy Hat Day / Via Facebook: BINSBK

    Everyone had a few great, quirky teachers from middle school and high school, but Mr. Thacker had the guts to don a space helmet all day.

    7. Fan Mail from Batgirl to Her English Teacher / Via Facebook: BINSBK

    8. What Drives One Music Teacher to Teach / Via Facebook: BINSBK

    9. Phases of the Moon – Oreo Style / Via Facebook: BINSBK

    A fun AND yummy way to learn.

    10. Massive Popsicle Stick Bridge / Via Facebook: BINSBK

    We all made popsicle stick structures at one point in school, but this bridge puts my 2nd grade popsicle frame to shame.

    Now I want to go back to school!

    Thank you to the talented, wonderful Alexandra Hancock and her team from BASIS Independent Brooklyn ( for being the creative force behind such "fly-on-the-wall" posts that rise above the regular updates parents expect. She helped many busy, working parents feel connected and a sense of community with the school. She also helped make conversations around the dinner table much more interesting.