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Texas Puts Man With 61 IQ To Death...

because he did not act like "Lennie" from "Of Mice and Men"....WHAT?!

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By John Rudolf:

"Texas authorities executed Marvin Wilson, a 54-year-old death row inmate, on Tuesday night after his attorneys failed to convince state and federal courts that he was mentally retarded and ineligible for the death penalty under a 2002 Supreme Court ruling."

"The court left it up to the states to determine who qualified as mentally retarded. In response, the Texas Court for Criminal Appeals, the top state court, cited in a ruling the child-like character "Lennie," from John Steinbeck's classic novel "Of Mice and Men," as its standard of what type of offender should be exempt from execution."

This is not about guilt or innocence, but the fact that a Court of Law uses a FICTIONAL character as the benchmark to determine intellectual disability.

What's next? If a woman floats, she's a witch? If a bald man wears black, he's Lord Voldemort and must be taken down?

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